Change Notice

DV Systems has recently made a change to the design of the Valve Cap used on the ‘247’ and ‘447’ compressor pumps on our ‘Heavy Duty Industrial’ pressure-lubricated air compressors.

The new design has been implemented in September, 2018 and can be used on existing pumps in the field where a plug is damaged and needs replacing.

updated-247-447-pump-valve-plug-change_Updated 247-447 part 2

updated-247-447-pump-valve-plug-change_Updated 247-447 part 3

Valve Plug Replacement Tool

Installation of the valve plug requires the valve plug tool (part # VT1). Using the valve plug tool:

  • Install the new Set Screw into the Valve Plug and torque to 15 ft lbs / 20.3 Nm.
  • Install the Cap Nut (‘SS-7424’) onto the Set Screw and torque to 15 ft lbs / 20.3 Nm
  • Install the new Valve Plug and torque to 125 ft lbs / 169 Nm

The new assembly (shown above) includes a new valve plug (part # 445-89-1) and set screw (part # SS-6043).

Warranty - 7 Years

Our heavy-duty industrial, pressure-lubricated air compressors are backed by an unprecented 7 year limited warranty at no additional cost. In order to be eligible for the extended warranty the unit must be registered online within 30 days of purchase, maintained properly according to the service manual with the use of only official DV Systems parts and maintenance kits.

  • Register online within 30 days
  • Maintain according to manual
  • Use only DV Systems parts & kits

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