The Mohawk J75 Powers a 24/7 Concrete Manufacturing Facility

When we asked Albert Hoogendoorn, President of Triple H Concrete Products what he thought about his DV Systems Mohawk J75 variable-speed, direct-drive rotary screw air compressor, he was happy to say that it delivers all the air they need to power their plant efficiently & reliability. With delivery right on time and the entire purchase and post-sale support process being seamless!


"It's our first DV Systems air compressor, but it certainly won't be our last."

— Albert Hoogendoorn, President

About Triple-H Concrete Products

Triple H Concrete Products Inc. is a state-of-the-art, 30,000 sq-ft, 24/7 concrete manufacting facillity specializing in products for residential and commercial applications.

Family Operated Since 1975

After starting in 1975 with a small hand operated machine, good for about 20 square meters a day, we are now producing thousands of square meters of slabs and pavers a day,” says Triple H President Albert Hoogendoorn, who runs the landscape dealer-driven Putnam, Ont., business with his brother Eric. “Our growth over 40 years has come from old-school customer service and offering quality products at a great price.