Compressed Air is Everywhere

There is a lot of discussion surrounding compressed air lately, and rightfully so, as its use is prevalent in our everyday lives – not just for those of us who work with, or use air compressors, but for almost all of us, in our day to day routines, and in ways we ordinarily would never imagine.
how-does-compressed-air-impact-your-day_how does compressed air

Did you drive to work today? It was compressed air that gave you that comfortable ride, lose the compressed air in your tires and that ride to work wouldn’t be quite the same.  Every transport truck you passed along the way is relying on compressed air to manage the brakes and suspension systems. Didn’t drive? Took the train? Its compressed air that opens and closes the doors, applies the brakes, and operates the suspension for a safe and comfortable ride.

Compressed Air is Considered the 4th Utility

Next time the dentist has his drill in your mouth you can be comforted by the fact that it is being safely driven by compressed air!
Amusement park rides use compressed air; brakes on roller coasters, animatronics for bringing dinosaurs and giant monkeys to life!  Movie special effects are created with compressed air; that guy who just exploded across the screen was launched with a compressed air cannon.


Artists have been using compressed air to operate airbrushes for years and make up artists are now using the same techniques to apply spray on tans!
Spectacular fountains and dancing waters like those at Bellagio in La Vegas are driven by compressed air.

We use bicycle pumps to put compressed air into our bike tires, footballs and children’s toys.  We become air compressors when we blow up balloons for a party, and when we need it most, air compressors are used to generate life saving oxygen used in hospitals.


Compressed Air is a Huge Energy Efficiency Opportunity

When one realizes how prevalent compressed air is in our everyday lives, then it is easy to understand how important compressed air is to our vital infrastructures, processes and manufacturing, and economy as a whole.   Toronto Hydro estimates that Ontario manufacturers use 5 – 20%¹ of their total electricity bills on compressed air. It is easy to understand then why we dedicate so much effort towards reducing the waste associated with this valuable process.