Introducing the Haida N200 rotary screw air compressor → Powered by a premium-efficiency 200 HP motor, the Haida delivers big air reliably, quietly and efficiently.

926 SCFM

Delivery @ 100 PSI

901 SCFM

Delivery @ 125 PSI

848 SCFM

Delivery @ 145 PSI


The Haida N200 features variable speed, direct-drive drive technology making it extremely efficient, both from an energy and system stand-point, as well as ideal for intermittent to continuous-use (24/7) applications.

Its comprehensive cooling system, including an integrated dual air & oil after-cooler and double cooling fans further contributes to overall system efficiency.

The Haida N200 is engineered to be durable & reliable, featuring rugged construction and quiet operation. It’s innovative component integration and overall design makes it easily serviceable.


The Haida N200 comes in a single configuration. Model N200VSD comes base-mounted and requires a 1000 gallon air receiver. Optional accessories, such as air receivers, air dryers and filtration are available and can be found below.

It’s dimensions are 113 1/2” in width, 62” in height and 53 3/4” in depth

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Drive Technology

The Haida N200 is driven by a variable-speed, direct-drive, which increases energy savings by aligning energy-use with air demand.

The VSD eliminates in-rush current spikes on start-up by increasing motor-speed gradually, and its pressure-tracking controls ensure energy-consumption is minimized by producing only as much air as is needed at set pressure, eliminating artificial demand.

The N200 is ideal for varying demand applications, delivering maximum operating flexibility with efficient full & part load performance.

Numerous power monitoring & fault protection technologies are also integrated, making it extremely safe.

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Drive Technology
1:1 Direct Drive

The Haida N200’s 1:1 direct drive enables efficient power transmission & further optimizes power consumption.

It’s self-aligning drive connects the motor directly to the high-efficiency air end with a low maintenance coupling and provides maximum transmission efficiency and durability in use.

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Rugged, Reliable & Quiet

The Haida N200 is rugged, reliable & quiet - engineered to effectively minimize noise levels. It’s designed with a solid steel base, frames and floor, powder-coated, heavy-gauge, acoustically-insulated steel cabinets and sound-attenuating foam barriers.

It also features an innovative sound baffling design, which further reduces noise levels, as well as minimizes air cooling restrictions.

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79 dBa
Sound Level in Decibels

Note A normal conversation registers at approximately 70 decibels. The Haida is extremely quiet and its low noise levels and relatively small footprint makes it suitable for installs at the point of use where noise levels are a concern.

Cool Compressed Air
Comprehensive Cooling Design

The Haida’s overall unique, integrated system design & comprehensive cooling configuration, includes a dual-function air after-cooler & oil cooler and double cooling fans, contributing to the production of discharge air temperatures as low as 15 degrees above ambient – reducing energy consumed by air dryers, promoting system reliability and extending an air-receiver’s life.

The air end intake is located near the opening to improve air compressor output and operating temperature.

The VSD has a dedicated air intake and exhaust and a physical barrier separates the electrical components of the VSD and control panel from the rest of the system. This ensures that the VSD compartment is protected from splash, but also improves VSD cooling.

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Aligning Energy Use to Air Demand

Let’s highlight the Haida N200’s energy efficiency, specifically relating to it’s variable-speed, direct-drive technology - The initial fixed cost of a rotary screw air compressor is only a fraction of it’s total lifecycle / operating cost. The greatest proportion of costs incurred in the operation of a compressed air system are it’s energy costs.

Variable speed drives present a considerable opportunity to reduce the cumulative energy costs of your compressed air system, by as much as up to 24%. So, how do variable-speed drives do this? VSD’s align energy-use with air-demand and produce only as much air as is needed at set pressure. VSD’s draw power in direct proportion to the load, with energy consumption approximating 0% at no-load vs. 13 to 85% at full-load consumption.

Secondly, VSD’s eliminate in-rush current spikes on start-up. The motor-speed is gradually increased on start-up, eliminating in-rush current spikes and contributing to the compressed air system’s overall energy-efficient operation.

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And thirdly, variable speed drives eliminate artificial demand by reducing system pressure. Each 2 psi reduction in system pressure equals a 1% reduction in energy consumption. VSD’s are typically set 20% lower in psi than traditional load-no-load air compressors. All these factors contribute to considerable energy-savings.

Variable-Speed VS. Full-Voltage Start

Let’s move on and talk about variable-speed vs. full-voltage start drives, specifically as it relates to their starting current and energy-consumption.

The grey line on the graph to the right signifies a full-voltage start air compressor, and you can see an in-rush current spike on start-up at the very beginning of its operation. This in-rush current is typically 7 times the proportion of the current displayed on the name-plate.

Comparatively, the orange line signifies the start-up current profile of a variable-speed drive air compressor. And you can see that the variable-speed drive starts the motor with a gradual speed increase, eliminating any in-rush current spikes on start-up, consequently reducing your electricity costs.

Artificial Demand

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Let’s go ahead and move on to talk about eliminating artificial demand with variable speed drives. So what is artificial demand? Typically, it’s when an air system is over-pressurized, and more air is produced at a higher pressure than you actually need to service the demand-needs of your application. So, remember, variable-speed drives only produce as much air as is needed at set pressure, and maintain operating pressure within 1 psi. This allows pressure to be typically set 20% lower versus load-no load driven compressed air systems. Each 2 psi of pressure reduction equals a 1% in cream in energy savings.

The graph to the right compares the pressure profile between a traditional load-no-load air compressor and a variable-speed drive air compressor: The wavy or sinusoidal black line represents the pressure profile of a load-no load air compressor over time, and the straight orange line moving across at set pressure represents the pressure profile of a variable-speed drive air compressor over time. You can see that the load-no-load drive cuts out at a considerably higher pressure than set pressure and the variable-speed drive air compressor maintains a constant set pressure over time.

So, the black-shaded areas signify your potential energy savings. These areas represent the over-pressurization in the system, or in other words, the artificial demand. So remember, N200’s variable-speed drive maintains operating pressure within 1 psi and typically allows pressure to be set 20% lower than traditional load-no-load compressed air systems. If 2 psi of pressure reduction equals a 1% increase in energy savings, eliminating 20% in over-pressurization results in a 10% increase in energy savings. That’s considerable savings right there!

Available Models

The Haida N200 is available in only one based-mounted model and two voltages: The N200VSD-46 is 460 Volt and the N200VSD-69 is 575 Volt (3-Phase | 60 Hertz).

Model Order # Configuration Electrical
N200VSD-46 S-002203 Base-Mounted 460 V
N200VSD-69 S-002204 Base-Mounted 575 V

Haida N200

The HAIDA N200 comes with a variety of optional accessories that complete a comprehensive compressed air system:

  • 1000 Gallon Air Receiver - ASME Approved and CRN Registered.
  • Air Dryer and Filtration - ProDry ASD Standard temperature refrigerated air dryer & DF Series air filters.
  • Zero-Loss Auto-Drain - Automatically drains moisture condensate from the air receiver.
  • Ecotron300 - Condensate filtration solution that allows you to dispose of condensate safely down a normal city drain, making you compliant with municipal by-laws.

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5 Years

The Haida N200 is backed by a 5 year limited warranty at no additional cost. In order to be eligible for the extended warranty the unit must be registered online within 30 days of purchase, maintained properly according to the service manual with the use of only official DV Systems parts and maintenance kits.

  • Register online within 30 days
  • Maintain according to manual
  • Use only DV Systems parts & kits

Installation Example
With Air Treatment

1 Air Compressor
2 Flexi-hose
3 Air Receiver: Surge Tank
4 Air Receiver Safety Valve
5 Zero-Loss Auto DRain
6 Advanced Air Pipe & Valves
7 Oil-Water Separator
8 3-Micron Air Filter

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