— Jake Krayerbrink, Founder & Owner, Agribrink Inc.

About AgriBrink

When we asked Jake Krayerbrink, Founder of AgriBrink Inc., an innovative farming application that has everyone in the agribusiness excited, what he thinks about his DV Systems heavy-duty industrial series air compressor pumps, he stressed that it’s not only the product, but the people at DV Systems that make a real difference for his business.

Soil compaction is an ever-increasing problem for the agricultural industry. Not only does it lower crop yields, it contributes to soil erosion, loss of nutrients into waterways, and even increases fuel consumption and loss of time.

AgriBrink sought to deliver a solution and invest in soil compaction research.  As a result, the Tire Pressure Adjustment system was developed. This on-the-go tire pressure adjustment system allows you to widen your application window, reduce compaction, protect soil structure, lower fuel consumption, limit time loss caused by excess slippage and reduce yield loss due to compaction.


How It All Began

In 2008, Jake Kraayenbrink was inspired by Ed and Jamie Michel of Mildmay, Ontario, and a manure hauling study funded by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs with Greg Stewart and Sam Bradshaw. Jake learned that a manure tanker’s tire pressure changes the level of soil compaction, and from there an idea was born. Before creating his own device and company, Jake did some serious research with his collaborators. Inflating and deflating tires to handle heavier loads is a common practice in the trucking industry, but not something found in agriculture.

Shortly after the initial study with Greg and Sam, Jake coordinated a trip to Europe where European farmers have been adjusting their tire pressures for 15 to 20 years, with the goal to learn how this concept could be implemented on farms in North America. Their tour included Denmark, Holland, Germany, Belgium and France, where they visited two universities in and six manufacturers.

Upon returning home, the team investigated some Canadian built equipment designed for trucks, and found some opportunities to tailor a new system specifically for agriculture applications.

The Kraayenbrink’s, Steve Bailey (truck mechanic) of Teviotdale, Ontario and Maurice Veldhuis (Professional Engineer) of Drayton, Ontario developed an entirely new system, called Tire Pressure Adjustment system. The new system is capable of deflating tires in 25 seconds – less than a quarter of the time needed for other systems.

This example of Canadian grassroots innovation has not only caught the industry’s eye but also the governments. Jake was awarded the Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence 2011.

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