The A5 rotary screw air compressor → delivers continuous air reliably, quietly and efficiently.


Delivery @ 145 PSI


Sound Level


TEFC Industrial Motor


It’s quiet, compact, rugged, and competitively priced - There’s a lot of technology built into the Apache that you will not see in other air compressor models in this category.

Work comfortably 24/7 - It's ideal for intermittent to continuous-use (100% duty-cycle) applications, featuring fixed speed, belt drive technology with automatic belt-tensioning.

It’s as quiet as a conversation and allows you to work comfortably and safely with the air compressor right there with you in the shop, saving your ears from harm.

The A5’s controls are easy to use, while the CSC15 controller works in the background to continuously and efficiently control and monitor the air compressor’s operation.

The A5 is also very easy to maintain with an annual maintenance taking approximately 20 to 30 minutes.


Apache A5T / A5TD

The A5 comes in two configurations:

  • A5TD comes tank-mounted with a 60 gallon air receiver, ProDry ASD15 refrigerated air dryer and 1-micron pre-filter.
  • A5T comes tank-mounted with a 60 gallon air receiver.


Drive Technology
Fixed-Speed, Belt

The A5 features an advanced multi-ribbed composite belt drive with automatic belt tensioning that has extremely efficient power transmission, low noise and extended operating life.

These long-life ribbed-belts are also oil & temperature resistant and made from engineered rubber compounds.

There are no tools required for belt maintenance.

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Quiet Operation

The A5 is extremely quiet at 65 decibels, which is as quiet as a normal conversation, making it ideal for open shops, allowing you to work comfortably and safely with the air compressor right there with you in the shop.

It’s constructed with a solid steel base, frames and floor & powder-coated, heavy-gauge, acoustically-insulated steel cabinets & sound-absorbing foam barriers.

Noise has been further reduced with the engineered ribbed-belt drive system.

Sound Level in Decibels

Note A normal conversation registers at approximately 70 decibels. The A5 is extremely quiet and its low noise levels and small footprint makes it suitable for installs at the point of use where comfort and safety are a concern.

Intelligent, Simple Control

The A5 is easy to operate with the intelligent CSC15 controller. It effectively manages, monitors & maintains optimal operational parameters to ensure stable system pressure and reliable operation. All automatically.

The controls are user friendly and feature an hour meter with power and fault indicator lights.

The fault indicator light flashes at different intervals to communicate different faults, such as:

  • Power interruption protection.
  • Anti-reverse protection.
  • And high temperature limit protection.

The CSC15 will also keep track of required maintenance and indicate when the next service is needed.

The optional remote start-stop capability allows for easy operation when the air compressor has been installed on a mezzanine or is difficult to see or get to.

The optional remote start-stop capability allows for easy operation when the air compressor has been installed on a mezzanine or is difficult to see or get to.

The controller also has a programmable relay output if you want to tie it in with some other indicator or monitoring equipment.

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Available Models
Tank Mounted + AirSystem

The A5 comes in two models with a 230 volt, single-phase electrical configuration: The standard A5T, and the A5TD with a factory installed refrigerated air dryer and air filter.

Model Order # Configuration Electrical
A5T-03 S-002510 Tank-Mounted 230 V
A5TD-03 S-002520 AirSystem 230 V


The A5 comes with a variety of optional accessories that complete a comprehensive compressed air system:

  • Air Dryer and Filtration - ProDry ASD Standard temperature refrigerated air dryer & DF Series air filters.
  • Zero-Loss Auto-Drain - Automatically drains moisture condensate from the air receiver.
  • Ecotron - Condensate filtration solution that allows you to dispose of condensate safely down a normal city drain, making you compliant with municipal by-laws.
  • Installation Kit for the Apache A5 - part # IK515.
  • Maintenance Kit for the Apache A5 - part # MK-A5.

5 Years

The A5 is backed by a 5 year limited warranty at no additional cost. In order to be eligible for the extended warranty the unit must be registered online within 30 days of purchase, maintained properly according to the service manual with the use of only official DV Systems parts and maintenance kits.

  • Register online within 30 days
  • Maintain according to manual
  • Use only DV Systems parts & kits

Installation Example
With Air Treatment

1 DF-A 1 Micron Coalescing Filter
2 Flexi-hose
3 Transair Air Pipe
4 Zero-Loss Auto Drain
5 DF-P 0.1 Coalescing Filter
6 DF-E 0.01 Coalescing Filter
7 DF-VActivated Carbon Absorbant Filter
8 Ecotron Condensate Solution

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