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Compressor Pumps

2 Stroke, 2 / 4 Cylinder

Pressure-lubrication, 100% Cast-iron construction, and slow RPM make these air compressor pumps withstand demanding industrial applications.

The moving components of these pumps are machined, honed, balanced and assembled in Canada.

Rugged construction and long life allows DV to confidently offer an unprecedented 7 year warranty.

Features & Benefits

Work Comfortably 24/7

✓ Solid, Cast-Iron Cylinders
Minimizes Distortion from Assembly Torque & Heat.
Precision-Machined Cylinder Walls Honed to reduce Friction & minimize Oil Carry-Over & Friction.
Extra deep fins provide increased cooling & strength.


✓ Balanced Pistons
Heat-Treated & Stress-Relieved Connecting Rods Cast from Ductile Iron & Assembled with Babbit Bearings Increase Durability & Reduce Wear on the Crankshaft.
High-Pressure, Cast-Iron Pistons withstand extreme forces. Low-Pressure Pistons made from aluminum alloy.
Extra wide compression rings designed to work seamlessly with the oil control rings & scraper.

✓ Balanced Crankshaft
Ensures smooth, extended-life operation.
Precision-ground journals furnished with inserts for long, trouble-free operation.
Tapered shaft for reliable & effective transmission.

✓ Balanced Flywheel
Airfoil-type spokes provide continuous, cooling air flow.
Smooth, Vibrationless Operation.

✓ Quiet, Quick Acting Valves
Machined, carbon-steel valves balance air passages & structural integrity.
Hardened carbon steel valve guides & stainless steel disc valves and springs
Individually tested & easily serviced.


✓ Cool Cylinder Head
Quick Cooling, Deep, Directional Fins.
Fast, efficient flow of cooler intake air due to compact, streamlined air passages in the cylinder head.

✓ Load Free Starting
10 HP & 15 HP Equipped with centrifugal pressure release (CPR) allowing the motor to start before a pressure load is applied to the pump.

✓ Short Stroke Design
Large bore, short-stroke & slow operating speeds improves life expectancy & provides high air delivery.


✓ Air Receivers
CRN & ASME Approved.
Maximum working pressure: 200 PSI
Complete with pressure gauge & CRN & ASME Approved safety valve.


✓ Manifold Assembly
Two Pressure Switches Factory Pre-Set to Operate at 115/150 PSI (792.9/1034.kPa) Cut-In/Cut-Out
Maximum Operating Pressure Adjustable to 175 PSI (1206.6 kPa)


✓ Ball Bearings
Oversized, Heavy load capacity ball bearings ensures a free-running crankshaft.
Lubricated from the crankcase, requiring no maintenance.


✓ Deep-Finned Cast-Iron Intercooler
Enhances heat dissipation between compression stages.