CSC300 with Internet Connectivity

Introducing WiFi connectivity with the new CSC300 ethernet upgrade – Access your air compressor remotely from anywhere with a web-enabled browser on your computer or smart device. The ‘internet of things’ (IoT) is here, take advantage of its capabilities for your business.


Features & Benefits
An Advanced Control Solution Simply Operated


Wifi Enabled
Connect to your air compressor remotely with a web-enabled device.

Realtime Clock
Features a real-time clock with pressure schedule.


Remote Start/Stop
Remotely start and stop your air compressor via WiFi.

Amp Draw Display

Features the display of amperage draw in real-time.

Sequencing Air Compressors
Sequence up to 8 rotary screw air compressors with the CSC300.

Fault Signal Display

Remote fault signal & power failure display with restart capability.

Smart, Made Simple.

The web-enabled CSC 300 effectively manages, monitors and maintains optimal operational parameters to ensure stable system pressure and reliable operation of DV Systems’ rotary screw compressors.

CSC300 Dashboard

Wifi Enabled

Connect from anywhere with internet.

Remote Start/Stop

Get up and running from anywhere.


Up to 8 rotary screw air compressors.

Realtime Clock

Features a real-time clock with pressure schedule.