Digital Video Systems, Inc.(DVS/

is a company specializing in the development and application of digital video technologies enabling the convergence of data, digital audio, digital video and high-end graphics. DVS will focus in other high technology areas such as photonics, environmental bio-energy.

DVS has operations in the US and China.


  • Advanced High Technology
  • Many Registered Patents
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Attractive Partnering
  • Programs
  • Global Organization


The Board of Directors of DVS has directed management to investigate business opportunities on a worldwide basis. As a result, teams of research & development personnel are working at various locations, including US, Europe, and China, in their fields of expertise. A total of five patents are either in the process of applying or under review by patent attorneys as a result of this effort.



Digital Video Systems, Inc., has named former CEO and Co-Chairman, Ms. Mali Kuo, to once again lead the company. Ms. Kuo has been elected as its new CEO and Chairwoman of the Board. The Company has also added new members to its Board of Directors.

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